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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Susanna Josie Allen - by Flora Fallis

Susanna Allen 19 June 1905-15 Mar 1965

Susanna or Josie Allen was born 19th June 1905 to Isaac Thomas Allen and Martha Turner Heaps in Victor, Idaho. She went by Josie throughout her life. Isaac was away when she was to be blessed – he came just as she was to be blessed – and he gave her the name of Susanna. Martha was going to name her Josie. She married Lawrence Dewey Fallis on 18 Oct 1922. To them were born 11 children. She worked hard raising her children and was a great support and strength to them. The last few years of her life, she suffered from mental illness. She had not had the happiest of marriages. From some accounts her husband was abusive and belittling to her. The exact events of her death are unknown, but it is assumed that she fell from a bridge and drowned not far from her home as the faithful dog was standing with paws upon the railing still looking for her. She died on the 15th Mar 1965 in Firth, Idaho.

Taken from an interview with Flora Fallis.

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