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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Margaret Daley - by Sarah Harris Hanney

Margaret Daley 29 May 1840 – 5 Mar 1891

Margaret Daley was born in Dublin, Ireland May 29, 1840. When she was a small girl her father died and then in a few years her mother died too, leaving her an orphan along with the rest of the family, two sisters and two brothers. After the death of her parents she went to England to live with her two married sisters. When she was fifteen, she went to work for a family, stayed with them for five years. It was there that she met her husband, George Harris. They were married in 1860 in London, England. She was twenty years old. In 1861 her first child was born.

In 1862, George being a soldier in the English army, he was sent to America to protect the interests of the English government, in Canada. When the north and south were at war, the English government sent the wives of all the soldiers to America to their husbands, those who wanted to come. Margaret came to George; it was here that their second child was born. When his time in the army was served, George stayed in America and entered into the United States. He went to Cincinnati where he had two brothers. Two more children were born here.

They came to Utah in 1868, bringing with them two boys and two girls. One boy was buried at Coalville, Utah. They landed in Salt Lake City in August and then went on to Ogden. In a month a baby boy was born. George had joined the church in England before he was married.

They endured hardships much the same as other pioneers, especially the crickets. They moved to Almy, Wyoming where father worked in the coal mines. Two more children were born at here. They moved to Randolph, Utah in 1875 where three more children were born. Margaret died March 5, 1891 at Randolph, Utah. She was the mother of ten children. She was the only member of her family to come to America.

Sources: Sarah Harris Hanney – DUP files.

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